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Including Southerly ChangeDreams Don’t Come TrueBarcoo Water  and 10 more songs recorded at ENREC STUDIO, Tamworth NSW, Country Music Capital of Australia.

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Southerly Change


  1. Southerly Change
  2. Common Sense
  3. Patti’s Place
  4. I’m Always Here
  5. Dreams Don’t Come True
  6. The Man in the Colourful Suits
  7. An East Bound Train, with Pete Denahy
  8. See you When I’m Lookin’ at ya Mate
  9. Beer I bought for Dave
  10. Things are Looking Up
  11. Barcoo Water
  12. She’s forgotten how to Smile 
  13. Perfectly Me
2018 - Coster Country Take II

Coster Country - Take II


  1. Itching Feet
  2. Freedom On The Road (Feat. Beccy Cole)
  3. Song Of The Cobb & Co Twitch
  4. Old Gilbert
  5. Isa Rodeo
  6. Old Rocking Horse (Feat. Jayne Coster Kelly)
  7. Return Of The Stockman
  8. How Could You Cause Me Such Pain
  9. Whoa, Bullocks, Whoa (Feat. Glenn Jones)
  10. When You're Short Of A Quid
  11. Coley (Feat. Jeff Brown)
  12. I'll Say No More
  13. Richard Head (Feat. Chad Morgan)
  14. Three Rivers Hotel
  15. Cunnamulla Fella
2004 - Coster Country Take I

Coster Country


  1. Back To The Saltbush Plains
  2. The Bushmans Song
  3. Old Bush Barbeque
  4. You Can Never Do Wrong In a Mothers Eyes
  5. Catching Yellow Belly In The Old Barcoo
  6. Wont These Memories Let Me Be
  7. Three Rivers Hotel
  8. The Old Gidgee Tree
  9. Lawson's Loaded Dog
  10. By a Fire Of Gidgee Coal
  11. The Wobbly Boot Hotel
  12. Just a Little Girthy
  13. Dinky Di Aussie
  14. When We Boiled Our Tea Leaves Twice
  15. God Will Prevail
  16. My People
  17. Homestead Of My Dreams
2000 - Bush Baby

Bush Baby


  1. The Old Tin Roof
  2. The Long Sraight Road To Home
  3. Clancy Of The Overflow
  4. Jayne's Song
  5. The Memories We Made
  6. Australia Australia
  7. I'm Not Over You
  8. Fat Cattle Its Alright (to love our country)
  9. Let The Canefields Burn
1987 - From the Heart

From the Heart


  1. Because He Loves Me
  2. My Brothers
  3. The Freedom Song
  4. Dreaming of You
  5. Louise
  6. How Can I Still Love You
  7. Holding On To My Heart
  8. Grandfather Johnson
  9. Don't You Worry 'bout Me
  10. Life's So Unfair
  11. Billy Dee
  12. Someday An Eagle
2009 - Moving On

Moving On


  1. Flying Flea
  2. Maybe on the Murray
  3. Not 40
  4. Old Black Quart
  5. Lights in the Mirror
  6. Do You Remember
  7. Way Back Then
  8. Something Special
  9. Till You Love Me Again
  10. I Don't Want to Talk About Rain
  11. Meandarra Man
  12. Glory Bound (feat. Bill Chambers)
  13. Moving On
1993 - Play the Game

Play the Game


  1. Play The Game
  2. Daniel The Pioneer
  3. Sherrie's Star
  4. Nothin' Comes Easy
  5. Pick Me Up On Your Way Down
  6. Shattered Lives
  7. Face Of Australia
  8. Indian Pacific
  9. Charlie's Picture
  10. You Make The World Turn For Me
  11. Murrumbidgee River Song Blues
  12. Someone
  13. My Mate Bill
  14. Claypan Boogie
  15. Honey I'm Gone
1991 - The Girl in the Band

The Girl in the Band


  1. City Sidewalks
  2. He's Got a Right To Grow Old
  3. With Me Tonight
  4. It's Taking So Long To Forget You
  5. Thats Just How Love Goes
  6. Kelly's Offsider
  7. Don't Say Goodbye
  8. We Love You Mamma
  9. The Girl In The Band
  10. If It's Not Love
  11. Being Together
  12. Roadtrain Blues

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2011 - The Original Stan Coster - Volume 2

The Original - Vol. II


The Song Maker

  1. The Old Gidgee Tree
  2. The New Australian Bushman
  3. Song Of The Cobb & Co Twitch
  4. Ken McKinnon's Wild Ride
  5. The Back To Bourke Weekend
  6. I'll Just Be A Drifter Till I Die
  7. You Can Never Do Wrong (In A Mother's Eye)
  8. Song Of The Murray River
  9. My Father Is A Drunkard
  10. The Last Of The Breed
  11. A Bush Rodeo
  12. The Wobbly Boot Hotel

Songs 'Me Old Mates' Wrote

  1. Songs Me Old Mates Wrote
  2. Hobnail Express
  3. Pick Up Man
  4. Black Man Jacky, Jacky
  5. Old Boko & Me
  6. You'll Do Me Mate
  7. Travelling This Big Country
  8. Where The Lazy Murray River Rolls Along
  9. Banks Of The Neebine
  10. Gumtrees By The Roadway
  11. Just Saddle Old Darkie
  12. Fair Enough
  13. Old Wallerawang
2011 - The Original Stan Coster - Volume 1

The Original - Vol. I


My People

  1. By The Fire Of Gidgee Coal
  2. Cunnamulla Fella's Wedding
  3. Men Beyond The Black Stump
  4. Unto Death Do Us Part
  5. Sunshine
  6. Old Gilbert
  7. Tamworth The Great Country Star
  8. Only A Bushman Would Know
  9. Twilight Dreams
  10. My People
  11. Booze Loving Battler
  12. Seven years Is A Big price To Pay

Songs From A Wanderer's Pen

  1. It's The Only Home He Knows
  2. A Blind Boys Christmas Prayer
  3. Desty's Den
  4. Would I Do The Same Thing Again
  5. Your COuntry's Been Sold
  6. Leave The Formwork To The Finn
  7. God Will Prevail
  8. Dorothy
  9. The Old Days Which I Belong
  10. Out Of The Calico Sack
  11. Flower Of The West
  12. Come Again You're Welcome Here
2011 - Only a Bushman would know

Only a Bushman would Know


  1. Only a Bushman Would Know
  2. Dorothy, Ballads and Beer
  3. When the Desert Flowers Bloom
  4. Australian Bushman
  5. Lead Me Down to the Stockyard
  6. He's a Good Bloke Sober, "But"
  7. Schulzie's Mountain
  8. Return of the Stockman
  9. A Tribute to Thiess Bros
  10. Some Things a Man Can't Fight
  11. Stockmates
  12. Trumbie's Ghost
  13. Richard Head
  14. The Bushman's Song
  15. Whoa Bullocks, Whoa
  16. The Old Rocking Horse
2008 - The Best of Stan Coster

The Best of Stan Coster


  1. Three Rivers Hotel
  2. Catching Yellowbelly in the Old Barcoo
  3. By a Fire of Gidgee Coals
  4. The Old Rocking Horse
  5. Just a Little Girthy
  6. Give My Regards to Edna
  7. Old Gilbert
  8. Lawson's Loaded Dog
  9. While the Big City Sleeps
  10. Coley 4:03 11 Richard Head
  11. You're a Better Man Than I Am Gungadin
  12. Travellin' My Own Track
  13. Whoa Bullocks, Whoa
  14. He's a Good Bloke Sober, "But"
  15. Return of the Stockman
  16. You Can Never Do Wrong in a Mothers Eyes
1996 - Come Back to the Bush

Come Back to the Bush


  1. Come Back to the Bush
  2. Homestead of my Dreams
  3. The Red and White Heifer
  4. Travelling Vaudeville Tent Shows
  5. Sale Day at St Lawrence
  6. The Mailman's Mate
  7. The Old Axeman
  8. Take Me Back to Nockatunga
  9. Playground of the South
  10. To an Old Stockman
  11. My Old Hat
  12. Nothing Ever Seems the Same
1994 - Remember the Time

Remember the Time


  1. Lawson's Loaded Dog
  2. Darky Grant the Mailman
  3. The Time Machine
  4. You're a Better Man Than I Am Gungadin
  5. If This Old Pub Could Talk
  6. The Barkly Brute
  7. Catching Yellowbelly in the Old Barcoo
  8. The Last of the Lady Drovers
  9. Angus
  10. Freedom on the Road
  11. Jim Laffin (A Kidman Drover)
  12. Remember the Time
1991 - I Wouldn't be Dead for Quids

I Wouldn't Be Dead for Quids


  1. Just a Little Girthy
  2. The Saxby Rodeo
  3. A Drifter with No Destiny
  4. Fingers
  5. Wealth Made Us Poor
  6. A Daylight Saving State
  7. Coley
  8. They'll Never Beat the Bunny
  9. While the Big City Sleeps
  10. Happy in My Madness
  11. Song of the Forky Stick
  12. I Wouldn't Be Dead for Quids
1987 - Travelin' My Own Track

Travellin' My Own Track


  1. Travellin' My Own Track
  2. Syd The Plaiter
  3. John Austral And His Wife
  4. Blomie
  5. The Outlaw
  6. Three Rivers Hotel
  7. Woolgoolga
  8. It All Seems So Wrong
  9. Boko
  10. The Old Time Drover's Lament
  11. The Old School Bell
  12. Give My Regards To Edna


CMAA Golden Guitar Finalist for Female Vocalist Of The Year with the Brian Poole and the Tremolos remake 'Someone'



Southerly Change


Southerly Change

I'm really pleased to announce my new CD, 'Southerly Change' is now available. It was amazing working together with such talented artists and musicians, and I hope you love the album as much as we do.

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Steve Newton it includes the tracks Southerly Change, Dreams Don’t Come True, Barcoo Water, and 10 more songs.

Thanks so much to my friends and all the talented musicians that helped me make this happen.

Scott Hills - drums and percussion.
James Gillard - bass guitar and acoustic guitar and backing vocals
Brendon Radford - acoustic and electric guitars.
Lawrie Minson - dobro, harmonica, and banjo.
Andrew Clermont - fiddle.
Mark Oates - fiddle and mandolin.
Michel Rose - pedal steel.
Steve Newton - guitars and backing vocals.
Pete Denahy - fiddle.
Garry Steel - piano, keyboards, and strings.
Johanna Vitalone - backing vocals.
Lynette Guest - backing vocals.
Produced, mixed, and mastered by Steve Newton.
Allison Forbes – backing vocals

Recorded at ENREC STUDIO, Tamworth NSW, Country Music Capital of Australia.

Produced, mixed, and mastered by Steve Newton.

Additional recording by Scott Hills, James Gillard, Steve Passfield, Brendan Radford, Mark Oates, Michel Rose, Pete Denahy & Andrew Clermont.


Inducted into the Hands of Fame in Tamworth


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