Barcoo Water by Tracy Coster


Barcoo Water is an authentic bush ballad rich with droving connotations and nostalgia, complete with a catchy tune that stays in your head, long after the song has ended.

Written by long-time family friend and retired drover Wally Brummel, Barcoo Water is the first song of thirteen to be released from the artists’ new album, Southerly Change.

Tracy says the song is inspired by the stories of our country’s colourful bush men and women.

“I feel it’s important we capture as many stories of the early days as we can, while we can, because these men and women pioneered the track for us.

“On a recent tour of QLD, I went to see Wally Brummell and I got my phone out and did just that.

“When it came time to record my new album, I remembered the phone recording and this song really stood out to me,” Tracy recounts.

After making a few modifications in the studio, Tracy says the result is a very cool arrangement that captures the heart and soul of outback Central West Queensland and the iconic Barcoo River.

Tracy’s new album Southerly Change is due for release in October 2020.