Coster Country Take II


Tracy’s seventh album, from 2018

  1. Itching Feet
  2. Freedom On The Road (Feat. Beccy Cole)
  3. Song Of The Cobb & Co Twitch
  4. Old Gilbert
  5. Isa Rodeo
  6. Old Rocking Horse (Feat. Jayne Coster Kelly)
  7. Return Of The Stockman
  8. How Could You Cause Me Such Pain
  9. Whoa, Bullocks, Whoa (Feat. Glenn Jones)
  10. When You’re Short Of A Quid
  11. Coley (Feat. Jeff Brown)
  12. I’ll Say No More
  13. Richard Head (Feat. Chad Morgan)
  14. Three Rivers Hotel
  15. Cunnamulla Fella