Coster Country


Tracy’s fifth album, from 2004

  1. Back To The Saltbush Plains
  2. The Bushmans Song
  3. Old Bush Barbeque
  4. You Can Never Do Wrong In a Mothers Eyes
  5. Catching Yellow Belly In The Old Barcoo
  6. Wont These Memories Let Me Be
  7. Three Rivers Hotel
  8. The Old Gidgee Tree
  9. Lawson’s Loaded Dog
  10. By a Fire Of Gidgee Coal
  11. The Wobbly Boot Hotel
  12. Just a Little Girthy
  13. Dinky Di Aussie
  14. When We Boiled Our Tea Leaves Twice
  15. God Will Prevail
  16. My People
  17. Homestead Of My Dreams