The Best of Stan Coster


  1. Three Rivers Hotel
  2. Catching Yellowbelly in the Old Barcoo
  3. By a Fire of Gidgee Coals
  4. The Old Rocking Horse
  5. Just a Little Girthy
  6. Give My Regards to Edna
  7. Old Gilbert
  8. Lawson’s Loaded Dog
  9. While the Big City Sleeps
  10. Coley 4:03 11 Richard Head
  11. You’re a Better Man Than I Am Gungadin
  12. Travellin’ My Own Track
  13. Whoa Bullocks, Whoa
  14. He’s a Good Bloke Sober, “But”
  15. Return of the Stockman
  16. You Can Never Do Wrong in a Mothers Eyes