The Original Stan Coster – Volume 1


My People

  1. By The Fire Of Gidgee Coal
  2. Cunnamulla Fella’s Wedding
  3. Men Beyond The Black Stump
  4. Unto Death Do Us Part
  5. Sunshine
  6. Old Gilbert
  7. Tamworth The Great Country Star
  8. Only A Bushman Would Know
  9. Twilight Dreams
  10. My People
  11. Booze Loving Battler
  12. Seven years Is A Big price To Pay

Songs From a Wanderer’s Pen

  1. It’s The Only Home He Knows
  2. A Blind Boys Christmas Prayer
  3. Desty’s Den
  4. Would I Do The Same Thing Again
  5. Your Country’s Been Sold
  6. Leave The Formwork To The Finn
  7. God Will Prevail
  8. Dorothy
  9. The Old Days Which I Belong
  10. Out Of The Calico Sack
  11. Flower Of The West
  12. Come Again You’re Welcome Here