The Original Stan Coster – Volume 2


The Song Maker

  1. The Old Gidgee Tree
  2. The New Australian Bushman
  3. Song Of The Cobb & Co Twitch
  4. Ken McKinnon’s Wild Ride
  5. The Back To Bourke Weekend
  6. I’ll Just Be A Drifter Till I Die
  7. You Can Never Do Wrong (In A Mother’s Eye)
  8. Song Of The Murray River
  9. My Father Is A Drunkard
  10. The Last Of The Breed
  11. A Bush Rodeo
  12. The Wobbly Boot Hotel

Songs ‘Me Old Mates’ Wrote

  1. Songs Me Old Mates Wrote
  2. Hobnail Express
  3. Pick Up Man
  4. Black Man Jacky, Jacky
  5. Old Boko & Me
  6. You’ll Do Me Mate
  7. Travelling This Big Country
  8. Where The Lazy Murray River Rolls Along
  9. Banks Of The Neebine
  10. Gumtrees By The Roadway
  11. Just Saddle Old Darkie
  12. Fair Enough
  13. Old Wallerawang