Barcoo Water by Tracy Coster

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Bush Baby

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Come Back to the Bush

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Coster Country

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Coster Country Take II

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From the Heart

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I Wouldn’t Be Dead for Quids

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Merry Coster Christmas Package

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Merry Coster Christmas Package 2021

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Moving On

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Only a Bushman Would Know

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Play the Game

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Remember the Time

By ProfitAbility VA / 13/01/2020

Southerly Change

By ProfitAbility VA / 11/02/2021


Scott Hills – drums and percussion.

James Gillard – bass guitar and acoustic guitar and backing vocals

Brendon Radford – acoustic and electric guitars.

Lawrie Minson – dobro, harmonica, and banjo.

Andrew Clermont – fiddle.

Mark Oates – fiddle and mandolin.

Michel Rose – pedal steel.

Steve Newton – guitars and backing vocals.

Pete Denahy – fiddle.

Garry Steel – piano, keyboards, and strings.

Johanna Vitalone – backing vocals.

Lynette Guest – backing vocals.

Patti Summers – backing vocals.

Allison Forbes – backing vocals


Recorded at ENREC STUDIO, Tamworth NSW, Country Music Capital of Australia.

Produced, mixed and mastered by Steve Newton.

Additional recording by Scott Hills, James Gillard, Steve Passfield, Brendan Radford, Mark Oates, Michel Rose, Pete Denahy & Andrew Clermont

The Best of Stan Coster

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The Girl in the Band

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